Trophy Ridge Bow Sights

There are a number of very dependable bow sight manufacturers that provide the hunter with a range of options that will not only allow them to shoot accurately but will provide quality instruments that will continue to work in trying conditions. Trophy Ridge bow sights are known for the precision they provide and with a strong selection of different models available they will also cater to most preferences.

Some people feel comfortable shooting with horizontal pin sights while others like the feeling of greater room in the scope that comes from vertical pin sights. Trophy Ridge provides both vertical and horizontal pin sights and will also give you a selection of single pin, 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin and even up to 8 pins for greater versatility.

Look out for brands within the Trophy Ridge range such as the Alpha, Punisher, Hit Man, Outlaw, Judge, Fire Wire, Matrix and Titan. All of these models of Trophy Ridge bow sights combine a solid durable scope casing with high visibility fiber optic pins surrounded by plenty of other features that will ensure the shooter will get the best view of their target that it’s possible to have. This is achieved with the addition of a Rheostat Sight Light to some of the sight models that can be used in concert with a Glo ring that edges the sight casing helping you to attain your target in the lowest of lights.

When looking for a quality bow sight you can be very confident that Trophy Ridge bow sights will meet the needs in many cases.

Trophy Ridge Bow Sights Reviewed

 Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight Trophy Ridge React
The Trophy React bow sight provides the hunter with the convenience of simplicity. The process of setting the pins has been made even easier with new Smart Pin Technology that will virtually mean that 3 of the 5 pins will align themselves automatically.
Trophy Ridge Fire Wire V3 Trophy Ridge Fire Wire
The Trophy Ridge Fire Wire bow sight features the company’s innovative Vertical In-Line pin technology to provide easy to see sights that enable a maximum field of vision.
 Trophy Ridge Cypher Bow SIght Trophy Ridge Cypher
The new Trophy Ridge Cypher bow sights have been released with a new innovation to help reduce the weight. The sights are made from a new Ballistix Copolymer material that is as strong as aluminum but 25 percent lighter.
 Trophy Ridge Judge Trophy Ridge Micro Judge
The main aim of the Trophy Ridge Micro Judge 5-Pin Sight is to provide hunters with a sight that can be adjusted extremely quickly without having to fiddle around with small knobs through the process of all 5 pins.
 Trophy Ridge Matrix Trophy Ridge Matrix
The Trophy Ridge Matrix bow sight is a fixed pin bow sight that is available in either a three or five-pin model. The notable feature that sets this sight apart from other models is the Vertical Inline Pin Technology which serves to provide the hunter with an increased field of view.
 Trophy Ridge Hit Man Trophy Ridge Hit-Man
The Trophy Ridge Hit-Man series of bow sights was released in 2010 featuring all-aluminum construction and available in 3-, 5- and 7-pin configurations. The sight is notable for the bright aiming points that it creates.
 Trophy Ridge Micro Hit Man Trophy Ridge Micro Hit-Man
The Trophy Ridge Micro Hit-Man bow sight has taken the precision and accuracy of the original Hit Man sight and included the absolute convenience of micro-adjustment.
 Trophy Ridge Punisher 3 Trophy Ridge Punisher 3
The Trophy Ridge Punisher 3 bow sight is a 3 pin sight that gives the hunter a formidable combination of precision and brightness built into a lightweight design.
 Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Trophy Ridge Punisher 5
The Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 bow sight is a 5 pin sight providing a couple of extra aiming options over the Punisher 3. It is a low-priced sight that is designed to deliver the precision and brightness of a far more expensive one.
 Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter Bow Sight Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter
The Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter bow sight is a 3 pin sight that offers a lightweight design that achieves precision tuning and accuracy that belies its great value for money. You might consider this to be the perfect bow sight for a beginner.