Sword Bow Sights

The range of Sword bow sights has been developed to cover the complete range of archery situations and requirements. From the beginners to the seasoned veteran there is a sight in the Sword range that will prove more than suitable. This is a company that first began as a small family business that has grown and changed hands until it developed into the present Sword Sights LLC that is now run out of Ohio.

Whether you are looking for a sturdy fixed pin bow sights with 5 pins or a single pin adjustable sight the quality and reliability of the Sword sights is extremely good. Differences between the various models come down to the aperture sizes, mounting systems and the adjustability of the individual sights.

Models within the Sword range that should be considered include the Maximus, Maximus Pro, Centurion, Centurion Hunter, Trident Hunter, Apex 3rd Plane, Twilight Hunter, Apex Hunter and Sabre for the hunters and Titan, Competition for the competitive target shooters.

In order to ensure you are getting the bow sight that best suits your needs it is important to carefully browse through all of the features of each model available. We have provided a range of Sword bow sights below that have been reviewed and are offered for sale. Click through on any bow sight listed below to get more information.

Sword Bow Sights Reviewed

 Sword Maximus Pro Bow Sight Sword Maximus Pro
The Sword Maximus Pro bow sight is a 5-pin fixed pin sight that was first introduced in 2012 and is constructed of 100% aluminum and can be adjusted for windage and elevation without the need for a tool.
 Sword Maximus Bow Sight Sword Maximus
The Sword Maximus bow sight is a 5-pin sight that is the original hunting sight that has become increasingly popular and recognised as one of the most reliable fixed pin sights available.
 Sword Trident Hunter Bow Sight Sword Trident Hunter
The Sword Trident Hunter bow sight is a solidly constructed 5-pin bow sight that will suit the serious hunter with a 1.5" inside daimeter round aperture and the strong connection that comes with a 6" dovetail bar mounting system.
 Sword Titan Bow Sight Sword Titan
The Sword Titan bow sight is a competition sight that has been designed with the serious target shooter in mind. This is a seriously special sight that is smooth and accurate.
Sword Trident Competition
The Sword Trident Competition bow sight is a single pin bow sight that will suit those shooters with a more limited budget. The price is slightly lower but the accuracy and visibility features as well as the micro adjustability are still top quality.
 Sword Centurion Bow Sight Sword Centurion
The Sword Centurion bow sight is a wonderfully solid bow sight that uses a solid steel single vertical pin that is available in either .010” or .019” sizes. The sight provides around 2” of elevation travel to give the shooter a great deal of adjustability.
 Sword Centurion Hunter Bow Sight Sword Centurion Hunter
The Sword Centurion Hunter bow sight uses the same basic design as the popular and reliable Centurion enjoyed by the competition shooter but features 5 pins and a choice of either a 2.0" or a 1.5" inside diameter aperture.
 Sword Apex Hunter Bow Sight Sword Apex Hunter
The Sword Apex Hunter bow sight is a 4-pin fixed pin bow sight that provides the hunter with a very affordable and very reliable option. This sight ensures a great deal of accuracy is attained thanks to the solid construction.
Sword Sabre Bow Sight Sword Sabre
The Sword Sabre bow sight is a 3-pin fixed pin bow sight that caters to the hunters who are looking for a solidly reliable bow sight that provides them with the ability to tune in to the three most likely distances required.
 Sword Twilight Hunter Bow Sight Sword Twilight Hunter
The Sword Twilight Hunter bow sight is another of the fixed pin hunting sights in the Sword range. The pin features 5 pins and these pins are available in a choice of .010”, .019” or .029”.