Sure-Loc Bow Sights

One of the manufacturers of the most reliable and dependable bow sights is Sure-Loc Archery Products. As well as an extensive range of hunting bow sights the company makes so of the most accurate range of target sights which has led to the company’s sights being frequently used by some of the top archers in the world.

Sure-Loc Target Bow Sights

The target sights made by the company are used for target, 3-D, field and international competitions and are available for compound and recurve bows alike.

The current range of Sure-Loc target sights includes: Supreme 550, Supreme 400, Challenger 550 and Challenger 400.

The Supreme 550 sight is available in either a 6 inch or 9 inch extension model and is made with either an anodised black or silver finish, depending on your tastes. The vertical frame of the sight is 5.5 inches high providing you with a superior level of adjustment. It carries an innovative no-lock design and the scale features a pointer adjustment that ensures you can see exactly where it is dialled in to. The Supreme 550 pictured below is an anodised black 9 inch model. Read the full review of the Supreme 550 here.

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The Supreme 400 sight comes with the same features as the Supreme 550 sight apart from the fact that the frame of the 400 is 4 inches high (hence its designation of 400). The sight is available with either a 6 inch or a 9 inch extension and the finish is also either anodised black or silver. The Supreme 400 pictured below is a silver 6 inch model.

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The Challenger 550 sight is available with either a 6 inch or 9 inch extension and is a lightweight sight with a vertical locking mechanism. The 550 means it has a 5.5 inch frame providing you with a greater field of adjustment . The Challenger sights are only available with an anodised black finish. The Challenger 550 pictured below is the 9 inch version.

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The Challenger 400 sight provides you with the same durability and reliability as well as the locking features that you get with the 550 but the frame of the sight is the smaller 4 inch frame. The result is a more compact sight that is also slightly lighter and is perfect for those who only need a narrow frame of adjustment. The Challenger 400 pictured below is the 6 inch version. Read full review of the Challenger 400 here.

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Sure-Loc Hunting Bow Sights

The hunting sights that are available from Sure-Loc provide the hunter with a versatile range of choices that will provide great accuracy in a variety of different guises. The Lethal Weapon Series has come to prominence as a very accurate sight and has been strengthened with the inclusion of the Lethal Weapon Max.

The Lethal Weapon sight is a micro-adjustable bow sight that has a 6 inch extension and a 2 inch diameter frame that contains 5 pins made of either .010, .019 or .029 fibers providing you with a bright sight. The sight can be set up as either left or right handed and only weighs 7.90 oz. The Lethal Weapon pictured here features the APG camo finish.

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The Lethal Weapon Max has taken the original Lethal Weapon and placed it on an adjustable extension providing the shooter with greater adjustability. The 5 pin sight features a total pin gap of less than 3/8” and the vertical sliding action of 2.5” also features a solid lock. This is a sight that can be relied upon to give you a sight that can be adjusted to suit the exact conditions in which you will be shooting. Read full review of the Lethal Weapon bow sight here.

The Sportsman Special sight is a single pin sight that gives you the precision that you need on a highly adjustable frame. The bright fiber sight pin gives you the intensity that will ensure it will be easily seen in the sighting window. The housing has a diameter of 42mm and the guide rod is a tough titanium to ensure the smooth movement will be unaffected in the field.

You can be confident with any of the Sure-Loc bow sights highlighted on this page that you are using a piece of equipment that is unlikely to fail you. To find out more about any of the sights displayed here or any other pieces of archery equipment you should pay a visit to the Sure-Loc Archery website.