Copper John Saxon Bow Sight

Copper John Saxon Bow SightThe Copper John Saxon bow sight series has been designed to provide the archer with a sight that is made from an alternative material to the norm. For the most part sight housings are made from metal with metal components for the moving parts. The feeling from Copper John was that this was limiting those who were looking for something different.

The Saxon has been designed to use composite material that will give the sight an extended lifespan. The composite material will wear longer than the metal counterparts without losing any outright durability.

This sight makes use of Copper John’s proprietary Easy Glide Technology and this means that the pin settings will not begin cracking the dovetail jaw corners. The sight is also fitted with Speed Gap Technology with zero pin gap to keep the pins nestled closely together.

Noise through vibration is dampened thanks to the inclusion of the Shocktek Technology, a polyurethane material that effectively halts vibration in its tracks.

The Saxon bow sights are part of Copper John’s Bullseye range of sights.

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Saxon Features

  • Composite material construction
  • 2.1" outer diameter pin guard with glo ring
  • 3 pins
  • Pins available in .029”
  • Weight 3.5 oz
  • Optional light available
  • Optional fiber wrap or non-wrap available

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