Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I Bow Sight

Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I Bow SightThe Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I bow sight is the original model in the Dead Nuts series of sights that combine durability at a reasonable price to come up with an award winning design. The sight is built on a lightweight frame with all unnecessary weight removed. The 3 or 5-pin fibers that are available in a choice of either .019" or .029" diameter are protected with the Iron Clad protection as part of the tough features of the sight.

The housing is made from CNC machined aluminum components while the pin guard construction uses a composite material and it uses Speed-Gap Technology that will be suitable for use with even the fastest of bows. This sight is also available in a Micro-Adjust version which features precise micro windage and elevation adjustments.

For better target acquisition the sight features a bright orange pin guard highlight and the outer diameter of the pin guard is generous at 2.29".

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Dead Nuts Mark I Features

  • Quality CNC machined components
  • 2.29" outer diameter pin guard with glo ring
  • 3 or 5 pins
  • Pins available in .029” or .019"
  • Weight 5.5 oz
  • Optional with micro adjust capability
  • Light included
  • Bubble level included
  • Optional fiber wrap or non-wrap available

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