Copper John Bow Sights

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Weight Review Buy
Copper John Saxon Bow Sight
.029 3 1.725" 3.5 oz Read Review
Copper John Grave Dancer Bow Sight
.019 / .029 3 or 5 1.725" 4.5 oz Read Review buy now
Copper John Rut Wrecker Bow Sight
Rut Wrecker
.019 3 or 5 1.725" 4.3 oz Read Review
Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I Bow Sight
Dead Nuts Mk I
.019 / .029 3 or 5 1.8" 5.5 oz Read Review
Copper John Dead Nuts Mark II
Dead Nuts Mk II
.019 1 1.45" 5.5 oz Read Review
Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III Bow Sight
Dead Nuts Mk III
.019 5 1.8" 6.5 oz Read Review
Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III Micro
Dead Nuts Mk III Micro
.019 5 1.8" 6.5 oz Read Review
Copper John Dead Nuts Mark IV Bow Sight
Dead Nuts Mk IV
.019 1 1.45" 7.5 oz Read Review

The Copper John Company

The Copper John Bow Sights company is responsible for award winning excellence in the products that it has produced for a prolonged period of time. The company is probably best known for its Dead Nuts and Dead Nuts 2 line of sights and has the faithful following of hunters and competition shooters alike thanks to the consistency and accuracy their products have enabled.

The technology that has been responsible for much of the success of the Copper John sights revolves around the curved sight frame it uses. The curve of the frame means that the lens of the bow sights are flat to the eye and this means that there is less distortion to the image.

The clarity of the scope is consequently increased because the scope reticle is even clearer. So no matter what angle you view the scope the picture in the sights will always remain the same.

Copper John is responsible for a number of unique features that have been taken up by other sight manufacturers. They came up with the idea of using an aiming ring that contrasts with the pin guard for greater clarity. The company is also well known for the quality of the materials used in the construction of the sight components.

An important factor that helps Copper John rise above some of its competitors is the ease of use that the sights allow. All bow sights are designed to improve the accuracy of the shooter but it is the process of tuning and aligning the sights that can make a big difference. The adjustment methods of the Copper John bow sights have developed to make customizing the sight settings very easy.

The majority of Copper John bow sights are fixed pin sights, the most popular type of hunting sights being sold today. The sights are made with durable materials such as machined aluminum or a composite material to provide an even lighter weight product.

Copper John Technology

There are a number of different innovations that have been built into the various Copper John sights that help to give the shooter an additional edge.

Easy Glide Technology – the ability to easily slide the pins up and down into position before locking them has been made even easier with the introduction of this technology. A frequent problem with other sights is that the tracks become deformed through the clamping process. This is overcome with large aluminum clamping surfaces that prevent pin track damage.

Iron Clad Fiber Optics – the breaking point of the Copper John fiber optics is much higher than that of other companies. Whereas the fibers of most bow sights will snap under minimal tension the Iron Clad Fibers will withstand an incredible amount of force.

MicroDot Technology – precision is key when aiming and the smaller the aiming point the more chance accuracy can be achieved. The MicroDot technology provides a more precise aiming point along with a sharp light without the hazy halo that is sometimes noticed. The MicroDot technology is featured on the entire Dead Nuts product line.

Shocktek Technology - Shocktek™ is a bright orange decal coated with vibration absorbing polyurethane material that not only looks great, but dampens vibration from even the fastest bows. Shocktek™ is standard on all Copper John Sights.

MicroAdjust – the Micro Adjust feature consists of a steel drive screw that shifts the windage and elevation block in tiny, micro movements. It makes it possible to fine tune the sight very easily and can be quickly added to any of the Copper John sights.

SpeedGap Technology - SpeedGap Technology keeps all five sight pins tightly nested together with one pin track design. This allows you to use the fastest bows available and you’ll never have to worry about pin gap again!

Featured below are the sights from the Copper John line that have been reviewed and are available for sale. Click through on any bow sight listed below to get more information.

Copper John Bow Sights Reviewed

 Copper John Saxon Bow Sight Copper John Saxon
The Copper John Saxon bow sight series has been designed to provide the archer with a sight that is made from an alternative material to the norm.The Saxon has been designed to use composite material that will give the sight an extended lifespan.
Copper John Rut Wrecker Bow Sight Copper John Rut Wrecker
The Copper John Rut Wrecker is designed using much of the same technology that went into the Saxon sight. The big difference comes down to the fiber with over 60% more fiber as well as an extra large clamping surface.
 Copper John Grave Dancer Bow Sight Copper John Grave Dancer
The Copper John Grave Dancer bow sight gives the hunter a large adjustment range in a durable, low cost bow sight. You get the choice of either a 3 or 5-pin sight and the fiber optics are available in either .019 or .029 sizes.
 Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I Bow Sight Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I
The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark I bow sight is the original model in the Dead Nuts series of sights that combine durability at a reasonable price to come up with an award winning design. The sight is built on a lightweight frame with all unnecessary weight removed.
 Copper John Dead Nuts Mark II Copper John Dead Nuts Mark II
The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark II bow sight is a single pin adjustable sight that has been built using the award winning Dead Nuts design. This means that the sight is particularly durable but it has been given the clear field of vision that many hunters prefer.
 Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III Bow Sight Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III
The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark III bow sight was released as the flagship sight in the Copper John range. The sight is designed as an extremely tough and durable piece of equipment that is also extremely precise.
 Copper John Dead Nuts Mark IV Bow Sight Copper John Dead Nuts Mark IV
The Copper John Dead Nuts Mark IV bow sight utilizes the original award-winning Dead Nuts design but has added a bearing system that ensures years of reliable use. The sight uses steel springs that are located beneath the bearing surface that ensures every component is engaged tightly.