Cobra Archery Bow Sights

Featured below is a comparison chart of the Cobra Archery bow sights that display the basic specifications of each sight including the number of pins, fiber size, pin guard inside diameter and weight of each sight. You will also be able to jump to our full review of each sight or have the opportunity to go to the Amazon store where you can either buy the sight or get even more information.



Weight Review Buy
Cobra Buckhead
.019 3 or 5 1.9" n.a. Read Review
Cobra Venom G2
Venom G2
.019, .029 or .039 5 n.a. n.a. Read Review
Cobra Bushwhacker
.019 3 or 4 1.75" 4.4 oz Read Review
Cobra Boomslang
.029 4 1.9" 4.1 oz Read Review
Cobra Python
.019 3, or 5 1.75" 6.0 oz Read Review
Cobra Python Toolless
Python Toolless
.019 5 1.75" 7.6 oz Read Review
Cobra Bantam II
Bantam II
.029 3 1.75" n.a. Read Review
Cobra Smoke
.019 3 or 5 2" 4.5 oz Read Review

The ability to “strike fast, strike true” is granted with the bow sights from Cobra Archery. The company offers an extensive range of fixed pin sights that cover all options from single pins through to the versatility that is achieved with a 6 pin sight. For those who like the freedom of quick adjustment there is also a variable pin model available too.

The sights have been designed with the hunter’s priorities in mind focussing on precision and flexibility first and then on the weight and performance closely behind. The sights in the Cobra Archery range are light enough to be barely noticeable once it has been attached to the bow.

From the compact Bantam and Boomslang sights to the Bushwhacker and Python, the sights are durable with protected wrapped fibers and easy to use with many of the sights able to be adjusted without the need for tools.

In order to ensure you are getting the bow sight that best suits your needs it is important to carefully browse through all of the features of each model available. We have provided a range of Cobra Archery bow sights below that have been reviewed and are offered for sale. Click through on any bow sight listed below to get more information.

Cobra Archery Bow Sights Reviewed

 Cobra Buckhead Cobra Buckhead
The Cobra Buckhead bow sight is available either as a 5-pin or 3-pin fixed pin sight. The big talking point that is promoted by the company is the reversible mounting bracket that enables a much larger range of vertical adjustment. This is a sight that has a simple design.
 Cobra Venom G2 Cobra Venom G2
The Cobra Venom G2 is a metal bodied fixed pin bow sight that features 5 pins and with a compact all-metal body it will be perfectly suited to the hunter who is looking for a lightweight sight that is completely reliable.
 Cobra Bushwhacker Cobra Bushwhacker
The Cobra Bushwhacker is a 3 or 4 pin fixed pin bow sight that is available with a couple of different options to choose from to ensure you will be able to use a sight that will suit you best.
 Cobra Boomslang Cobra Boomslang
The Cobra Boomslang bow sight provides the hunter with a compact and lightweight fixed pin sight comprising 4 pins protected by an outer wrapping. The sight itself is comprised of all-metal construction yet it only weighs 4.1 oz.
 Cobra Python Cobra Python
The Cobra Python series is a sleek, no-frills 3 or 5 pin fixed pin bow sight that is available in a base model or with micro or tool-less adjustability options to choose from to ensure you will be able to use a sight that will suit you best.
 Cobra Bantam II Cobra Bantam II
The value for money Cobra Bantam II is a three pin fixed pin sight that provides a simple sight that can be relied upon for clear and accurate alignment and shooting. The sight features a composite material housing and simple adjustment.
 Cobra Python Toolless Cobra Python Toolless
The Cobra Python series is a sleek, no-frills 5 pin fixed pin bow sight and that simple design is complemented by an easy to use toolless micro adjustment system. The Cobra Python Toolless bow sight uses the base design of the popular Python model and includes a ratchet style adjustment feature that provides the hunter with an easy adjustment method that doesn't require tools.
 Cobra Smoke Cobra Smoke
The Cobra Smoke bow sight has been designed to perform extremely well when placed in low light situations. The sight has been fitted with extra long fibers and a rheostat light.