Black Gold Bow Sights

Featured below is a comparison chart of the Black Gold bow sights that display the basic specifications of each sight including the number of pins, fiber size, pin guard inside diameter and weight of each sight. You will also be able to jump to our full review of each sight or have the opportunity to […] Read more »

Black Gold Rush Bow Sight

The Black Gold Rush bow sight represents the choice for the budget conscious but it has been loaded with many of the features used in the higher priced models. The sight is available with a choice of 3, 4, 5 or 7 pins. The toughness and durability of the Black Gold Rush will be appreciated […] Read more »

Black Gold Surge Bow Sight

The Black Gold Surge bow sight is one of the premium sights in the range featuring micro-adjustable pins  to enable precise alignment capabilities. The sight is available with either 5 or 7 pins and can be attached using the standard sculpted base with an oversized clamping dovetail for a rock solid mount. The strength of the Black […] Read more »

Black Gold Vengeance Bow Sight

The Black Gold Vengeance bow sight has been designed to provide the hunter with an extremely adjustable and durable sight that is packed with features. The sight can be found with either 5 or 7 pins and can be custom made with your choice of pin guard size, standard or dovetail base, interchangeable fluorescent guard rings and […] Read more »

Black Gold Ascent Bow Sight

The Black Gold Ascent bow sight is a quality 3 or 5-pin fixed pin sight that comes with a range of features that helps to provide target style sighting accuracy in a hunting sight. There is no doubt that this is a particularly high quality sight that has been packed with features. The Black Gold […] Read more »