Black Gold Vengeance Bow Sight

The Black Gold Vengeance bow sight has been designed to provide the hunter with an extremely adjustable and durable sight that is packed with features. The sight can be found with either 5 or 7 pins and can be custom made with your choice of pin guard size, standard or dovetail base, interchangeable fluorescent guard rings and an optional 2X or 4X lens.

The strength of the Black Gold Vengeance is in its versatility with many of the features able to be custom chosen depending on the way you prefer your sight to be set up. The choice of either 5 or 7 pins is just the start of the different options that are available.

The pins are micro-adjustable BombProof pins that are machined aluminum Micro Groove pins and have been designed to cradle the fiber for full protection. The micro-adjustment can be imposed on the entire length of each pin for greater accuracy.

Pin brightness is assured with the inclusion of SkyCoil Technology for low light conditions and for when it is too bright, the High Performance PhotoChromatic Technology provides a darkened background to prevent the pins from haloing.


Buy A Black Gold Vengeance Bow Sight

 Black Gold Vengeance Black Gold Vengeance Features

  • Weighs 8.8 oz
  • Skycoil Technology for added brightness
  • High Performance PhotoChromatic technology
  • 5 or 7 machined metal Micro Groove pins
  • .019" pins all-metal protected
  • 1 ¾" stndard or 2" BigDog pin guard
  • Delrin "Hush Wheels" for smoother adjustment and qieter operation
  • Machined aluminum guard with fluorescent glo-ring
  • Interchangeable glo-rings
  • Vertical and horizontal gang micro-adjustment
  • Large bubble level
  • Choice of standard or dovetail base

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The sight is available with a choice of pin guards. You can buy it with the standard 5-pin guard which measures 1.75” in diameter or, if you want a more substantial field of view it is possible to choose the 2” BigDog guard.

The sight is available with a 6” dovetail base to allow the eyes to be more focused and enable finer tuning. The set up makes 3rd axis adjustment possible. When the bow is not in use the dovetail base makes it easy to detach so that it will not get damaged.

The Vengeance is available in a Black finish or Anodized camo. If you want the dovetailed mount then your choice is restricted to Black.

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