Black Gold Bow Sights

Featured below is a comparison chart of the Black Gold bow sights that display the basic specifications of each sight including the number of pins, fiber size, pin guard inside diameter and weight of each sight. You will also be able to jump to our full review of each sight or have the opportunity to go to the Amazon store where you can either buy the sight or get even more information.



Weight Review Buy
Black Gold Vengeance 5
.019 5 or 7 1.75" or 2" 8.8 oz Read Review
Black Gold Ascent
.019 3 or 5 1.75" 9.2 oz Read Review
Black Gold Ascent Ambush
Ascent Ambush
.019 1 1.75" 8.8 oz Read Review
Black Gold Surge
.019 5 or 7 1.75" or 2" 7.3 oz Read Review
Black Gold Rush
.019 3, 4, 5 or 7 1.75" 5.6 oz Read Review
Black Gold Widowmaker
Widow Maker
.019 4 or 5 2" 6.8 oz Read Review

About Black Gold

The bow sights that are being produced by the Montana Black Gold Archery company are examples of some of the highest quality that includes amazing innovation. The hunting sights are tough and durable while also exhibiting the latest in precision and accuracy.

The company has come up with a number of innovations that help to make the Black Gold name high on the list of top sight manufacturers. The first is the BombProof pins that have been machined for precision and feature a groove for the fiber optic to sit in. Little techniques have been used to cater for the best and worst of lighting conditions to ensure that it will always be possible to get the clearest possible sight.

Skycoil technology has been incorporated into the sights and this helps to ensure the optics can be seen in low light. But when there is a lot of natural light and the risk of the pins haloing and becoming hazy is high the PhotoChromatic technology takes over. In this case the sight darkens automatically so that the view remains stark and clear.

Range of choice is another noticeable feature of the Black Gold line. From the number of pins in each sight to the number of glo-rings and yardage tapes that are available, it is possible to custom build your sight to suit your needs. In the case of a couple of models it is also possible to choose a larger sight aperture if you want it.

In order to ensure you are getting the bow sight that best suits your needs it is important to carefully browse through all of the features of each model available. We have provided a range of Black Gold bow sights below that have been reviewed and are offered for sale. Click through on any bow sight listed below to get more information.

Black Gold Bow Sights Reviewed

Black Gold Vengeance Black Gold Vengeance
The strength of the Black Gold Vengeance is in its versatility with many of the features able to be custom chosen depending on the way you prefer your sight to be set up. The choice of either 5 or 7 pins is just the start of the different options that are available.
Black Gold Ascent Black Gold Ascent
The Black Gold Ascent bow sight is a quality 3 or 5-pin fixed pin sight that comes with a range of features that helps to provide target style sighting accuracy in a hunting sight.
Glack Gold Surge Black Gold Surge
The Black Gold Surge bow sight is one of the premium sights in the range featuring micro-adjustable pinsĀ  to enable precise alignment capabilities. The sight is available with either 5 or 7 pins and can be attached using the standard sculpted base.
Black Gold Rush Black Gold Rush
The Black Gold Rush bow sight represents the choice for the budget conscious but it has been loaded with many of the features used in the higher priced models. The sight is available with a choice of 3, 4, 5 or 7 pins.