Axion GLX Gridlock Bow Sight

Axion GLX GridlockThe Axion GLX Gridlock bow sight has been designed to complement the Mathews compound bow with a design that fits in well with the riser design. It is a sight that has been built to stand up to heavy work and the rugged CNC machining gives it a solid foundation that will help to ensure a greater level of accuracy is achieved.

The sight is a fixed pin sight and is available in three different options. Choose from a 3-pin, 5-pin or 7-pin sight. The pins are also an area where options are available. Choose from either .019” diameter fibers or .009” diameter.

When the sight is attached to the bow it is done so using staggered mounting holes and this gives the sight a solid anchor point. The windage and elevation can be locked down and the laser etched adjustment lines further ensure the precision of the sight.

Further choices are made available when deciding on the finish of the sight. The GLX Gridlock has been released in Black, Lost Camo and Tactical Black finishes.

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GLX Gridlock Features

  • CNC Machined aluminum construction
  • 2" pin guard
  • Choice of 3, 5 or 7-pins
  • Pins available in .019” or .009”
  • Weight 7.5 oz
  • Harmonic Damper included
  • Laser etched adjustment lines
  • Staggered mounting holes
  • Adjustable light and level included
  • Available right or left handed

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