Axion Archery Bow Sights

Axion Archery is a newcomer to the bow sight market having been established in 2008 with the aim of building a better bow sight. The company has quickly established itself with an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of its sights.

As well as producing some of the most reliable bow sights available the company has also expanded to produce other solid archery accessories too such as stabilizers and arrow rests.

The range of bow sights that have been produced by Axion is impressive for such a new producer. The Vue is one of the most recent sights to come from the company and it is an incredibly lightweight sight that can be locked tightly in place. It is a hunting sight that sets a high standard for others to follow and also comes in a Micro Adjust version.

Other models that are notable and should be considered include the GLX Gridlock series sight, the feather light Soul Hunter sight, the Edge series of sights, the Icon sight and the Link sight.

To best appreciate the features of each of the models of Axion sights that are available for sale it is important to consider them individually. We have provided a range of Axion Archery bow sight below that have been reviewed and are offered for sale. Click through on any bow sight listed below to get more information.

Axion Archery Bow Sights Reviewed

 Axion Vue Axion Vue
The Axion Vue bow sight is a lightweight design that has been created with the aim of providing the hunter with a high precision device that will withstand punishment.
 Axion Vue Micro Adjust Axion Vue Micro Adjust
The Axion Vue Micro Adjust bow sight takes the original design of the Vue and adds the improvement of making the process of adjusting the windage and elevation even more precise. The design remains a combination of lightweight materials with plenty of strength.
 Axion GLX Gridlock Axion GLX Gridlock
The Axion GLX Gridlock bow sight has been designed to complement the Mathews compound bow with a design that fits in well with the riser design. It is a sight that has been built to stand up to heavy work
 Axion GLX Gridlock Micro Axion GLX Gridlock Micro Pro
The Axion GLX Gridlock Micro Pro bow sight uses the original GLX Gridlock design and adds the convenience of the tool-less micro adjustment feature.
 Axion Edge Axion Edge
The Axion Edge bow sight has been designed to offer the hunter a precisely accurate sight within a ruggedly constructed frame.
 Axion Edge Micro Pro Axion Edge Micro Pro
The Axion Edge Micro Pro bow sight uses the same basic design as the Edge with the addional feature of tool-less micro adjustability. The sight is just as durable and hard wearing as the original Edge but provides additional accuracy possibilities.