Axcel Archery Bow Sights

When the question is asked on just about any online archery forum about what hunting bow sight is recommended you will always find Axcel Sights prominently mentioned. The company is responsible for a range of high quality hunting and tournament sights that are particularly durable and consistent in their precision.

The fixed pin sights are designed with simplicity as one of the primary assets providing ease of adjustment. Although the ability to change the position of the pins is made easy the ability to micro-adjust the pins individually gives the sights tremendous versatility.

The pin fibers are each given a protective covering along their lengths and this ensures the sight is able to withstand heavy use without damage. The technology used to provide this feature is termed Armor Fiber Technology (AFT).

The option of buying the hunting sights with harmonic dampening technology built into it helps to minimise the vibration and movement experienced through the sights.

A choice of 4, 5 or 7 pins means the company caters to a range of shooting preferences and the tournament sights are available in a range of elevation adjustments to cater for a variety of different disciplines.

Displayed below is a range of Axcel bow sights that have been reviewed and are available for sale. The sights have been displayed with the most inexpensive sight listed first. Click on the sight that interests you to be taken to the review page and a further selection of sights for sale.

Axcel Archery Bow Sights For Sale

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Axcel Archery Bow Sights Reviewed

 Axcel Armortech HD
 The Axcel Armortech HD hunting sight is one of the most popular sights available thanks to its toughness and superior design. The individual micro adjustment features on each pin makes this a sight that will allow you to tune it in to a great degree of accuracy.
   Axcel Armortech HD Pro
The Axcel Armortech HD Pro hunting sight is distinct to the original Armortech design thanks to the dovetail bracket that can be micro-adjusted so that the scope housing can be precisely sized to suit the peep sight. The toughness of the sight housing and the pin fiber protection is carried over into this model ensuring that every feature that was built into the Armortech is also used in the Pro.
  Axcel Armortech HD Vision
The Axcel Armortech HD Vision bow sight takes all of the features of the original Armortech sight and has added a 2” housing to maximize the viewing field. With an impressive range of features that have been included to improve strength, durability and precision this is a sight that can be relied upon in the toughest of terrains.
  Axcel Armortech HD Vision Pro
The Axcel Armortech HD Vision Pro bow sight has improved on the Armortech Pro by increasing the size of the housing to 2”. This means the field of vision is even greater and the dovetail bracket that gives the sight its more distinctive appearance also features in this sight.
 Axcel AX2000 Axcel AX2000
The tournament sights made by Axcel Archery are among the most admired and most successful competition sights available. The AX2000 bow sight is a precision piece of machinery offering 2 inches of elevation travel.
 Axcel AX3000 Bow Sight Axcel AX3000
The AX3000 bow sight has been designed to suit the 3D and field archer who is looking for a highly adjustable piece of equipment that provides micro adjustments at the click of a knob.
 Axcel AX4500 Bow Sight Axcel AX4500
The AX4500 bow sight has been designed for use with recurve bows and provides the wider range of elevation adjustment of up to 4.5 inches to give the shooter a versatile and precise competition sight.