Apex Gear Bow Sights

The sights produced under the brand name Apex Gear come from TRUGlo Archery with some of the most popular innovations built in. These sights provide the hunter with a dual benefit of offering a range of sturdy bow sights at a very reasonable price. Because the sights are made by TRUGlo the visibility aspect of the sights is second to none.

The Apex Gear range of sights feature the Atomic series, Inferno Series and Axim series, each of which cater very strongly to the hunter with a number of features that cover the number of pins, the size of the sight window and the way in which the sight is attached to the bow.

It is not only important to know that it is possible to buy Apex Gear bow sights from many retailers, it is also important to be aware that the Apex Gear bow sight parts are also available. These sights are far less complicated than some other sights and so there are fewer moving parts which means there is less chance that something will break or become damaged. The addition of a sight light may represent the most commonly required part that must be changed in your sight.

The range of Apex Gear bow sights ensures that all preferences are catered for from those who prefer the simplicity of the vertical single pin bow sights (Atomic Rover) to the multiple fixed pin arrangements or 3, 4 or 6 pin sights (such as the Axim, Tundra and Nitrus) there should be a type of sight that will give you an edge when out in the field.

Displayed directly below is the range of Apex Gear bow sights that are currently available for sale. These sights have been displayed with the most inexpensive models shown first. Further down the page we have listed the Apex Gear bow sights to illustrate the range that is available from this brand. Click on the sight that interests you to be taken to the review page and a further selection of sights for sale.

Apex Gear Bow Sights For Sale

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Apex Gear Bow Sights Range

  Apex Gear Atomic
The Apex Gear Atomic series of bow sights share the distinctive pivoting elevation bracket as the feature that makes it stand out from other sights.
  Apex Gear Axim
The Apex Gear Axim series of bow sights are compact, high visibility sights that are extremely hard wearing and dependable. The sights in the Axim range are available with either 4 or 6 pins
  Apex Gear Tundra
The Apex Gear Tundra bow sights is an ultra-light, ultra tough 3-pin fixed pin bow sight. It has a compact design to provide a sturdy bow sight that is going to add minimal weight to the bow.
  Apex Gear Accu Strike
The Apex Gear Accu Strike bow sight has been designed to be most effective when used on shorter framed bows.  this is a compact light weight bow sight that provides a great deal of brightness and ease of acquiring the target.
  Apex Gear Inferno
The Apex Gear Inferno bow sight is available as either a three or five-pin sight with extra-long fully protected fibers that will provide a great deal of light which is done in a small amount of space. The fibers are protected by being encased in micrometal tubes and these tubes also increase their visibility.
  Apex Gear Nitrus
 The Apex Gear Nitrus bow sight is a solid micro-adjust sight that is available with either four or six pins that are extra long for added brightness and are fully wrapped for added protection. The micro-adjustment applies to all pins and ensure quick and precise pin settings.
  Apex Gear Atomic Rover
The Apex Gear Atomic Rover is part of an innovative series of bow sights that have been designed to have as few components as possible. This is achieved through a pivoting elevation bracket and the sight is compact and lightweight. The Atomic Rover is a single pin sight equipped with a super bright green fiber that is available in either .010” or .019” diameter.
  Apex Gear Game Changer