3-Pin Hunting Sights Buying Guide

The simplest and most popular fixed pin hunting bow sights that are available and used by hunters are 3-pin sights. They can be quickly and easily set to the most preferred shooting distances of 20, 30 and 40 yards and still maintain a large and clear field of vision.

Deciding on which bow sight to choose can be a tricky affair and sometimes it can be helpful to look at similar sights together to make a more informed decision. The 3-pin hunting sights represent the part of the market that is the most popular with the number of pins proving to be an ideal set up for many hunters.

Displayed in the table below is a selection of some of the most popular 3-pin hunting bow sights currently on the market. As well as being able to view each sight, we have also added a few vital specifications (where available).

In order to cover as many manufacturers as possible we have included a single model from each maker and this model has proven to be one of the best selling sights from each. You can click on the top of each column to sort the table in different ways which may also prove to be helpful in comparing the sights.

3-Pin Sights
Apex Gear Tundra

.0192.0CNC Machined Aluminum$$$
Axion GLX Gridlock

.009, .0192.0CNC Machined Aluminum$$$$
Black Gold Ascent

.010, .019, .0292.0CNC Machined Aluminum$$$$
Cobra Buckhead

.0192.0CNC Machined Aluminum$$$$
Copper John Saxon I

.0192.9CNC Machined Aluminum$$
Spot Hogg Bullet Proof

Sword Sabre

.010, .019, .029n/a6061 T6 aircraft aluminum$$$
Trophy Ridge Cypher 3

.010, .019, .029n/aBallistix CoPolymer $$$
Trophy Ridge Fire Wire V3

.010, .019, .0291-5/8100% Machined Aluminum$$$
Truglo Micro-Brite


Displayed in the table above are 5 columns

  • Make and model of each sight as well as an image (click to view more details or purchase).
  • Pin fiber size options available for the sight
  • Diameter size of the housing aperture
  • Where possible we have given the material used to make the housing
  • Price - These are approximate prices on Amazon.com. The prices can change frequently depending on availability, special discounts. etc. Generally speaking: $ = under $50, $$ = $50 to $100, $$$ = $100 to $200, $$$$ = $200 to $300, $$$$$ = over $300